Two years ago the shelter for women in situations of violence in Cuetzalan, Puebla, closed its doors due to a lack of federal funding. Today the «Yolpakilis Women’s Collective for Human Rights» seeks to take up the project independently.

For this, they started a campaign to raise 300 thousand pesos, with which they will cover rent, food and service expenses from October 2020 to March 2021, in which the call to obtain federal funds is opened, said Susana Mejía Flores, a member of Yolpakilis.

“Women continue to request support, it is still a necessity It is essential that women have a space, where they can be calm, where they can be safe, when they decide to report ”, Susana said.

The shelter for women in situations of violence would be urgent, if one takes into account that every week at least one woman goes to seek refuge at the House of Indigenous Women (Cami) in that municipality.

According to a participatory diagnosis prepared by the Cami during 2018, it was identified that 46.7 percent of the women experienced emotional violence, 35.7 percent physical violence, and 34.5 percent economic violence. The representative of the Cami de Cuetzalan, Angélica Rodríguez, told in May 2020 – the moment in which the financing of the Cami was announced – that since the Refuge closed in the municipality, the care of women living in extreme situations has been complicated of violence, because in many cases their rescue is urgent, but they have nowhere. Faced with this situation, Susana Mejía explained that if financing was obtained, the Refuge, which they will call “House of Attention and Healing”, would provide a safe and calm space for women victims of gender violence.

In addition to that there, healing and support with an intercultural framework would be prioritized. To operate the project, the members of Yolpakilis are requesting the donation of: sheets, blankets, kitchen utensils, non-perishable food and clothing for women, girls and boys. It can also be supported economically.

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