COMUNICADO VÍA SIPAZ/On October 13, members of the Zapotec indigenous community of Unión Hidalgo, Oaxaca, filed a civil lawsuit in the Paris Court against Electricité de France (EDF), the largest French transnational energy company and one of the main producers of electricity worldwide, «for the multiple violations of their rights» requesting the suspension of said project until the company «complies with its obligation to respect human rights.»

It should be remembered that since 2015, EDF has sought to build the Gunaa Sicarú wind farm on the lands of this community through its local Mexican subsidiaries. However, the residents have not been consulted, which constitutes «a violation of their fundamental right to free, prior and informed consent, as well as serious risks to their physical integrity,» according to the statement from the organization Economic and Social Rights Project. and Cultural, AC (ProDESC).

The villagers blamed the company for contributing «to serious violations of the community’s rights, by failing to identify risks and implement protection measures in the development of its Gunaa Sicarú wind project» and reported that said omissions caused » an escalation of violence against human rights defenders from the Zapotec community, who are stigmatized, threatened and attacked «by groups close to EDF.»

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